LPC Spectrum Analyzer Software

The LPC is able to obtain a high resolution spectrum from transient signals including bird call, voice, impact sound and seismic wave.
We can detect minute frequency changes in transient signals.

Sound Recognition Software using Geometric Distance

The software segments a waveform of the bird vocalization from a three-hour continuous recording and extracts the sound spectrum pattern from the waveform using the LPC spectrum analysis. Next, the software compares the sound spectrum pattern (the input pattern) with the standard pattern (that was extracted in advance) using a similarity scale.
We use a new similarity scale called the “Geometric Distance”.
The Geometric Distance is more accurate than the conventional similarities in the noisy environment.

Convolution Software for a Deep Learning using Geometric Distance

For deep learning classification, a new convolution called the Geometric Distance, which numerically evaluates the degree of likeness between the input image and the filter on the convolution layer is proposed.

Parallel Processing Software using Multiple CPUs

A single PC has multiple CPUs and a single software can use the CPUs simultaneously. The task manager in Windows 10 shows the performance of the CPUs in percentage.
We have the software which detects the number of CPUs automatically and executes parallel processing using them.

Abnormal Sound Detection Software

The software operates as an apparatus for detecting abnormal sound generated by a machine in motion and judging wrong in machine.