Free Trial Version

Figure 1 shows the program menu screen of Free Trial Version. By using it, users can experience One-dimensional LPC, Two-dimensional LPC, One-dimensional GD, Two-dimensional GD and Parallel processing.
If the users click to select one from among the eight buttons in the menu screen, then the users can execute each software shown as below.
Each software executes 64-bit parallel processing using multiple CPUs.

  • LPC 1-d        :  Display of One-dimensional LPC spectrum LPC 2-d        :  Display of Two-dimensional LPC spectrum
  • Sonogram View  :  Enlarged display and scroll display of Two-dimensional LPC spectrum
  • Recognition 1-d  :  Sound recognition using One-dimensional GD
                                           (Recognition 1-d is not included in Product Quan_64p_LPC)
  • Recognition 2-d  :  Sound recognition using Two-dimensional GD
                                           (Recognition 2-d is not included in Product Quan_64p_LPC)
  • Segmentation    :  Display of segmentation of target sound FIR Digital Filter :  Simulation of FIR digital filter
    Set Values Main  :  Saving of parameter values

Figure 1. Program menu screen of Free Trial Version

Operating Environment

OS           Windows 10
CPU         Quad Core or More
                               (The more cores there are, the faster parallel processing will be.)
Display Resolution  1920 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080

Package Software Purchase

There are the following two packaged software as commercial versions.

・LPC Spectrum Analyzer Software
(Product code Quan_64p_LPC)
Among the software displayed on the menu screen in Figure 1, Recognition 1-d and Recognition 2-d are not included.
Customers who want sound recognition should purchase Quan_64p_GD.

・Sound Recognition Software using One-dimensional GD & Two-dimensional GD
(Product code Quan_64p_GD)
All the functions displayed in the menu shown in Figure 1 are available.

Microphone Input Package Software Purchase

Please contact us for the product version package software that inputs the sound signal directly from the microphone to the PC.
Please contact us for software customization.

Convolution Software for a Deep Learning using Geometric Distance

Please contact us for technical support and technology transfer.

Parallel Processing Software using Multiple CPUs

Please contact us for technical support and technology transfer.